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A Series of Theatrical Images

Inspirations from

Neil Jordan’s the Butcher Boy,

Stephen Daldry’s Billy Elliot,

John Halas Animal Farm,

The blind boy podcast,

My father in the Abattoir,

My grandfather in the butcher,

A young boy dancing in a Francis Bacon painting.

On Samhain.

Full of Grief.


Oona Doherty & Lankum 2024

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 22.33.33.jpeg

 Choreography, Writing, Director :  Oona Doherty


Lankum - (Ireland) 

Cantu Tenore - Gavino Murgia  (sardegna)

Featuring - David Holmes (Ireland)

Composer and sound designer Maxime Fraisse (France)

Lighting Design 

John Gunning (Ireland)

Set Design

Sabine Dargent

Costume Design

Darius Dolatyari


Première 23.11.2024 Pavillon Noir Aix en Provence - France

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