Hard to be Soft - A Belfast Prayer

Episode I
Lazarus & the birds of Paradise

Episode I   is Part of a larger four part work found here


Rachel Donnoly Dublin Dance Festival 2016 Reveiw : tottally Dublin.ie

The stand-out piece so far has been Oona Doherty’s Lazarus and the Birds of Paradise, a solo performed by Doherty herself as part of First Looks at DanceHouse, a strand of the programme presenting work in progress. Oona manages something very rare with this piece – it’s a performance that’s about a social issue, a political issue, but without being crassly and explicitly about that issue; meaning the choreographer comes at it sideways, intuitively. She internalises a body language, a culture, that’s part of the fabric of her native Belfast, and re-presents it spliced with something like divinity. It’s the language of harsh streets, fear and aggression – a thin veil of defiant posturing concealing vulnerability. Set to a score of clamouring, angry male voices from docudrama Wee Bastards? mixed with the sweetly epic strains of Allegri’s Miserere Mei, Deus, Lazarus and the Birds of Paradise channels violence, hedonism, joyfulness and despair to transform the trampled, disregarded and reviled into something beatific.

Cédric Chary - Les Plateaux festival Paris 2016

La révélation des PLATEAUX est incontestablement Oona Doherty. Sidérante chorégraphe irlandaise qui en 8 mn a bluffé le public de La Briqueterie - CDC du Val-de-Marne avec "Lazarus ans The Birds of The Paradise"

The Revelation of the day's is undoubtedly Oona Doherty. Staggering Irish choreographer who in 8 minutes blew away the audience of La Briqueterie-CDC du Val-de-Marne with "Lazarus and the birds of the paradise"