​​Oona Doherty began her teaching career in 2007 in Northern Ireland as a freelance contemporary dance instructor.​
She has facilitated and choreographed groups of amateur dancers aged 5 to 18 in a variety of extra curricular performance arts youth groups. She has also facilitated contemporary technique class and been a choreographic mentor for GCSE, A.level and B.Tech students aged 16 to 18.​
Oona progressed to teach company repertoire for Transitions Dance Company to support their 2009 European tour.​
Since 2012 she has taught Company rep based Master classes in Paris and Canada for T.R.A.S.H Dance company.​
Oona's teaching is based on the cultivation of stamina and extremity through the intention of movement. She is curious about the relationship and transition between emotion into movement and movement into emotion through the honest and intense submission of journeys through the body weighted from the centre of the foot. 'your soul is in your feet'-Oona Doherty​
Oona believes this submission results in an openness to new physical pathways which express human conditions; either in a human/pedestrian/mime place or in a more abstract movement place.​
 Oona's recent experience with T.R.A.S.H Dance Company has fired her   enthusiasm to further develop her teaching skills. She offers a young fresh approach to dance students enhanced by her skills and experience working as a professional dancer and is keen to demonstrate how these can be applied to daily training from a non hierarchical place of sharing.

Embodied Performance Practice, technical training and creative Workshop. For Performers. Oona is an ISAAC Associate of Embodied Acting Methodology. 

To book a workshop please contact  gabrielle.veyssiere@gmail.com 



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